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Movement Skills

Now, movement skills involve more than just wiggling on the carpet, it is more than just staring at the opposite wall doing nothing but waving your arms about. No. Focusing on your movement skills is like watching a ball hit you or being able to dodge a ball. It is not that creepy or difficult. You need to learn these movements with focus, intelligence, and wondering. Kind of like doing a really hard maths test, except with more movement!


CongCong, Rachel, Bob, Jason

Throwing and kicking exercises here! These movement skills are short, fun and will improve your skills in lots of sports! 


Alpha, Landy, Ifunanya

A combination of throwing and running here! Simple, creative, easy to do. Bring a ball, a target, a partner and a fit body!


Blanche, Catherine, Taoyuan, Daly

Here are tips for you to become physically literate and also to spread awareness! We have many types of running and jumping that will improve your locomotion skills.


Zoe, Selena, and Tiger

Always wanted many choices for warm-ups, exercises and games? We have it all ready for you with this video on movement skills!


Joanna, Cynthia, Tony

Amazing selections of exercises with throwing and catching here! There are also a lot of description and demonstrations of what to do, so come on!


Andy, Muqian, Sophie, Ray

Always wanted to start basketball? This is the right drill for you. All you need is a basketball, a feel cones and something that can act like a hoop, let's go!


Jerry, May, and


Looking for a fun game that will improve your locomotion skills and yet doesn't need any equipment? Dive right into this to get started.


Doyeon, Kana, Nicole, Grace

A game/workout that will get you motivated, skilled at catching, throwing and various exercises? Why don't you try out this amazing game!


Chenxi, Howard, Verlin, Alexander

More of a practical person who wants a description and demonstration so you can get right to it? With little to no equipment needed, we think you'll enjoy this exercise!


Kitty, Yiran, Iris, and Felix

From small tips to level-ranging exercises, we have it laid out for you. Click into this video to see suggestions, activities and more!


Ava, Lindiya, Dao Dao, Sophia

Three different exercising games and alternates to upgrade it to make it fit your style and level more? Sign me up. Let's see how much you enjoy this fun game!


Christian, Goleo, William

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

"You don't need any special greatness to be physically literate. You only need perseverance."

- Alpha

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