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Created by the Grade 5 students of

Beijing City International School

"Unfortunately, many people are not able to move properly because of our lifestyles"


physical literacy

what is it?

Physical literacy is being able to move with competence and confidence. You might ask, what do those two big words mean, and how does this relate to movement? For the first question, moving is what is needed in every sport or active game, not to mention that many of these movements are fundamental.

But unfortunately, many people are not able to move properly because of our lifestyles. Explore what it means to be physically literate by clicking on the links to one of the four physical literacy elements and get moving!


Explore our physical literacy activites

Physical Literacy is divided into 4 components - Active Participation, Living skills, Movement skills and Fitness skills. They act like jigsaw pieces and are essential to maintaining a healthy body, mindset and lifestyle to ensure we learn fundamental skills to ensure we remain active for life. We have something for every element of physical literacy, so start exploring and get moving!






"Rising levels of inactivity, along with the substantial associated disease risk, have been described as a pandemic by WHO."

UNESCO Quality Physical Education

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