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Eating food, drinking water, and sleeping early, right? Not just those! Living skills need to become not just a thought but a habit. Living skills are about making socially, emotionally, and physically healthy behavior. It may be hard to turn these into positive habits, but after a few days you will "accidentally" make healthy choices. Here are our living skills activities.


This easy game can make you have fun while exercising, you can play it every day! No equipment needed!

Yuetong, Catherine, Isabella

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Home Fitness
Jenny, Ray, Abby

A small dodge ball game which will make you physically literate. Yes, its fun! You will need 6 players and 3 balls(handball sized is best).

Anthony, Flora, Jonah

Play this fun exercise game and earn as many point as you can! No equipment needed.

Anthony, Merida, Andrew

This simple but fun game can keep you physically literate while having fun. You will probably not even realize your exercising! You will need 2 players and a ball for this.


"The journey to physical literacy may be hard, but the accomplishments are great."

- Alpha

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